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Considerin Group owns a new generation of high-throughput gene sequencing technologies with independent intellectual property rights and has completed its global deployment of patents. Up to date, we have applied for and obtained more than 400 patents and as many as 56 software copyrights. We have applied for 400 patented items, among which 200 have been authorized; we have applied for 91 trademark registrations, with 33 of them registered successfully; we have applied for 56 software copyright registrations, with 54 registered.

Among the applications of patents:

1)24 PCT international patents, 17 American patents and 299 Chinese patents;

2)Sequencer + chamber patents 64, automatic control patents 69, sequencing method patents 36, reagent and kit patents 46,
clinical application patents 23, health information patents 11 and supportive equipment patents 91.