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Working Philosophy

No bureaucracy but performance

Focus on working hard and striving for effectiveness, and implement the work thinking in every job and extends it to each task, so that each task has evaluation indicators, completion time and inspection standards. Reject bureaucratism, and measure the ability of the staff mainly by performance. It is the principle of performance that prevails here, because an outstanding performance can prove your ability and reflect your value in a better way.

Six professional qualities

1. Performance: lay stress on principle of performance

Execution and action is more important than eloquence, and what accounts are the performance results but not the explanation. Pursue fair competition, and put an end to powerful connections, seniority or relationships, and rely on one’s own ability and results.

2. Specialization and professionalism

(1) specialized: strive to do things right at the first time; at least never repeat mistakes.

(2) professional: have the basic professional quality inseparable from the workplace.

3. The contract

Commitment: commitment to agreements

Dedicate yourself to the agreements and execute them properly  

4. Positive: be positive and active

Do not complain; do not shirk, do not escape

The weak always resort to complaint, while the strong always take positive and active actions.

5. System: do not destroy the system; try to perfect it

The essence of the system is the rules of the game. It is not a matter of whether it is right or wrong. 

Its significance lies in that the group can be consistent.

6. Reflection: self-reflection

Develop the habits of self-reflection and self-criticism.