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Training and Career Development

1. Career Development

According to the different characteristics of individual employees, the Company makes for the staff plans of professional development channels in the direction of professional development and management development, to provide a broad space for their development.

Professional development channel: develop technical capacity in depth and breadth in one or several related areas, pursue continuous improvement in professional skills, and finally become experts in the field.

Management development channel: on the premise of a high level of professional and technical level, continue to learn management knowledge, enhance the management level, lead the team to complete the work goal of assigned by the organization, andfinally become the team leader.

2. Training

Based on talent assessment model and by implementing the selection of internal and external professionals, personnel training, personnel assessment and development and other projects, Considerin talent development system provides a comprehensive support for the company’s talent development. Meanwhile the company focuses on the establishment of internal personnel training mechanism.

Our learning styles include managers exchange, internal tutor system, internal rotation, internal trainer system, project management series training, assignment training and other training modes. Through a full range of personnel training, the Company promotesthe joint development and growth of staff and business, and creates high-quality and highly dedicated staffs.

3. Employee Benefits

The Company implements the system of five eight-hour working days. The company strictly complies with the statutory holidays, and those who work for more than one year are entitled to a paid annual leave.

All employees enjoy five social insuranceand one housing fund. The company view employee performance as top priority, and award non-upper-limit project bonus package and year-end performance bonus package, so that employees can feel the recognition, and increase their sense of belonging to the enterprise.

The Company focuses on employee care. It, in particular, provides staffs with personalized genetic testing (Considerin staff exclusive), regular staff inspection, staff travel, staff afternoon tea, staff birthday party, children's day, goddess day, god day, annual celebration, staff recognition meeting and other activities, in order to create a good human environment, so that employees can have efficient performance in the passionate team.