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Since established in 2008 based on the principle of independent innovation, Considerin Group has led the development of global gene sequencing industry. Under the care and guidance of leaders at each level and great support of people from all quarters of society, Considerin Group has made rich achievements with the hardworking struggle of all employees. Here, we owe our gratitude to the society for your support and care and our employees for your hard work on each position.


The first national standard developing unit for gene sequencing in China

Head of biological method team of national biochemical testing standardization commission

Expert of the national consulting team for biotechnology standardization

A national specially invited expert

An international technology leader

Leader of innovative scientific research team introduced in priority from abroad by Guangdong Province

A member of the decision-making & consulting commission of Shenzhen

A specially invited professor by Shenzhen University

An expert in charge of the national key R&D programs (such as 863)

Doctor of University of Virginia the USA

Post-doctor of Hopkins University School of Medicine

An award for national research service of post-doctors from National Institute of Health, the USA

A SBIR award from the Bio-technology Department of National Science Foundation of the USA

With the ageing of population, the number of senile dementia patients has increased abruptly. Cancer is also becoming No. 1 killer to human's health. Gene sequencing technology can prevent the sudden outbreak of diseases to a great extent and offer precision diagnosis and treatment for defeating the diseases. Upholding a philosophy of "exploring gene information, enhancing value of life", we provide the people in some regions with disease early screening service, which not only brings health to them, but also promotes the development of Chinese medical treatment technologies and enhances the health awareness of people, so that everybody can firmly grasp the key to their health and build their own health.

With the development and growth of the group, we are committed to building an extremely competitive gene health industrialization base with independent core technologies in the world. We are shouldering a mission to make everybody understand his own gene code, get far away from potential disease hazards and master his life health. We continue to work hard in the field of gene biotechnology and stride towards the international stage with our dreams, of industry, happiness and China and try our best to become a leader in the global gene health industry and build a brand of the world to benefit the mankind.

Science and technology are the first production power. Following a development philosophy of "professionalism, preciseness, innovation, service", oriented around demands, we keep innovating and trying our best to popularize our technology achievements among the public and bring the people pragmatic products and services. We have provided several top-level tertiary Class-A hospitals with gene sequencing products and services. Our high-throughput gene sequencing technology can offer precise guide for the early screening of diseases, diagnosis, treatment and drug use and prognosis and bring the curative effects of the drugs into a full play. Meanwhile, compared with conventional technologies, this technology can acquire more diversified biological information, with a higher preciseness. It can reduce ineffective and excessive medical treatment and avoid harmful treatment for the patients and provide a scientific and technological support for preventing the medical costs from growing rapidly.