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Considerin Group was established in 2008 by the country’s overseas high-level talents and the special national team of experts. Through its unremitting efforts, the Group has set up several branches, including Shenzhen HYK High-throughput Biotechnology Research Institute, Shenzhen HYK Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Considerin Gene Health Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Considerin Gene Health Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Currently, the Group exclusively owns the international frontier high-throughput gene sequencing core technology in China, and operates as a whole industry chain comprehensive national high-tech group providing sequencing system R&D, reagent production and technology applications.

The Group has independently developed its core product PSTAR high-throughput gene sequencing system, the first made-in-China system, whose sequencing technology has already reached the international advanced level. As the world’s leading provider of precision medicine gene sequencing system solutions, the Group has always been committed to the healthcare cause of Chinese people, and focused on gene sequencing technology applications in medical R&D, medical services, agriculture, massive health, data and other fields.

Our Business

While developing rapidly and keeping in pace with the times, Considerin has kept expanding new fields and has established six business segments.

With the development and growth of the group, Considerin will center on Guangzhou, set up a Considerin bio-tech industrial park, a production base of equipment/reagents and a clinical test service base in places such as Guangzhou Science City and Wuhan Optics Valley Biolake and set up a network of technical service nationwide. Meanwhile, based on the first demonstrative point of overseas cooperation established in Singapore, it will fully launch its deployment in the international market. Keeping its foothold in China and eyeing the world, Considerin aims to build a highly competitive genetic health and biology industrial base with independent innovative core technologies.

Upholding a tenet of "exploring gene information, promoting life values", our efforts are focused on building core competitiveness of our gene and life technologies in the systems and platforms of research and development, application and clinical transformation, highlighting the leadership of China's gene industry in the international arena and setting the development trend of health industry in China.

Pride and honors of Considerin Group

The only new-generation high-throughput gene sequencer granted with independent intellectual property rights in China

Ranking No. 1 globally for the total number of core patents in the field of gene sequencing

Successfully developed the first national standard for high-throughput gene sequencing in China

Experts selected into the first batch of “The Thousand Talents Program” organized by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC

Experts selected into the first batch of overseas high-level talent “Peacock Team” introduced by Shenzhen Municipality

National special experts, national technology leaders

2016 “China’s Top 100 Future Medical Enterprises”


To be a leader in the global gene health industry


To let each person understand his own gene code, stay away from
health hazards, and control his own life health.