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Considerin Group Settled in Wuhan National Bio-industry Base

Date:2017-03-19 Source:Considerin

On March 17, a ceremony was held grandly at Wuhan Optics Valley for the settlement of key projects of first batch of "Urban Partners" in Wuhan and the launching of Considerin Group's Central China Base, which signified that Considerin Group officially marched into Wuhan and Hubei. The implementation of the project will not only benefit the health management, disease prevention and precision medicine carried out in Wuhan and Hubei based on gene technology, but also boost the development of bio-industry in Wuhan. On that day, the ceremony was attended by more than 200 guests and media friends who together witnessed the opening of a new chapter to the development of Considerin Group.

Ribbon-cutting in the launching ceremony of Considerin Group's Central China Base

Guests attending the ceremony

On the launching ceremony, Sheng Sitong, president of Considerin Group, gave a warm speech. He said, the settlement of Central China Base in Wuhan Biolake has received concern and support from leaders of governments at all levels, for which Considerin is very grateful. As an "Urban Partner", he wished more to participate in the construction of Wuhan rather than simply establish a company in Wuhan, so as to make his own "contribution" to the health and wellness of Wuhan's people. In the coming years, Considerin Wuhan will be focused on research and development of clinical individualized medical test technologies and supportive test products, try to develop several clinical gene testing items suitable for Asian people, break the monopoly of foreign countries, truly domesticate equipment and biological reagents in the field of gene sequencing and promote Hubei Province and Wuhan City to take the lead in the international precision medicine.

Sheng Sitong, President of Considerin Group, Giving a Speech

Later, Qian Deping, Executive Deputy Director of the Construction Management Office for Wuhan National Bio-industry Base, gave a speech. Mr. Qian pointed out, in recent years, with the rapid development of global precision medicine, gene sequencing technology has become one of the biotech fields with the highest potential and vitality. We are convinced that the settlement of Considerin Wuhan in Biolake will surely add a strong dynamic force for Wuhan to build a strategic highland of biological pharmacy and promote the development of gene sequencing technology and industry in Wuhan. We welcome Considerin to usher in a bright future to the bio-industry of Wuhan with us.

Qian Deping, Executive Deputy Director of the Construction Management Office for Wuhan National Bio-industry Base, giving a speech

Considerin Group is the only all-industry-chain integrated national high-tech group owning the internationally cutting-edge core technology of high-throughput gene sequencing and able to develop gene sequencing system, produce reagents and apply technologies. It was founded by national senior overseas talents and distinguished experts that are selected into the "The Thousand Talents Program" initiated by the Organization Department of Central Committee of CPC. With a strong technical support, the group has been the first to win an authorized patent for "tumor gene sequencing technology" in the world. Now it has near 400 patents at home and abroad and as many as 150 core patents in the "field of gene sequencing platform", ranking No. 1 in the world. The first-generation high-throughput gene sequencing system platform developed by the group independently has reached an international leading level, which has found extensive applications in fields such as bioscience researches, clinical diagnosis and treatment, diseases prevention and healthcare and research and development of new medicines.

Considerin Wuhan Building

As the Central China Base of Considerin Group, Wuhan Considerin Gene Health Technology Co., Ltd. is situated on 21st Building of Phase III of Bio-pharmacy Accelerator, with an area of 6,000 ㎡. The company has built a R&D center for high-throughput sequencing system and platform technology, a production base of gene sequencing machines, a production base of in vitro diagnostic reagents, a research center of multi-disciplinary clinical medicine and a third-party multi-disciplinary clinical and medical test center. After being put into operation, it will realize an annual output of over RMB 200 million Yuan and satisfy the test demand of over 1 million customers each year on average.

It's reported that there are only three enterprises owning high-throughput gene sequencing machines with independent intellectual property rights in the world, which are respectively Illumina and Thermo Fisher of the US and Shenzhen HYK under Considerin Group. Biolake of Optics Valley has gathered over 20 enterprises engaged in related business of gene testing such as Beijing Genomics Institute and Frasergen. The settlement of Considerin Group will consolidate the good foundation of Biolake in the field of gene sequencing, make up the shortage of high-throughput gene sequencing equipment and supportive reagents on the upstream of gene sequencing field, further perfect the industrial chain, enhance the core competitiveness of Biolake in gene sequencing, and turn Biolake into an innovation and production center of gene industry in China and the world.