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Focus of Spotlight/ HYK 9th China Bio-industry Convention Opened on July 5

Date:2016-07-05 Source:Considerin

       On July 5, 2016, the 9th China Bio-industry Convention was opened grandly at Wuhan International Exposition Center. As a globally leading provider of gene sequencing system solutions for precision medicine, HYK Gene exhibited a clinical special high-throughput gene sequencer HYK-PSTAR-IIA, a key new product initiated in China and developed independently by HYK, sample pre-treatment equipment system and gene sequencing reagent system.

      Perhaps in your eyes, Wuhan is as hot as fire. Braised prawns and draft beer are a standard configuration of the city in the summer. However, the successive days of heavy rains were gradually testing the patience of everyone. To our surprise, Wuhan International Exposition Center was crowded with streams of people. It seemed that the endless heavy rains in the hotness had not affected the enthusiasm of people in the big event of bio-industry at all.

       At the beginning of the exhibition, the star product HYK-PSTAR-IIA high-throughput gene sequencer attracted a lot of medical professionals for visiting and inquiry as soon as it was displayed at the exhibition booth of HYK. They were amazed by the magnificent appearance of China's first-ever homemade gene sequencer, and deeply impressed by its internationally leading level.

      From the first moment of product design, HYK has been focused on building a systematic gene sequencing solution to not only solve problems concerning building and operation of technical platforms for the clients, but also provide the clients with a solid technical support and many clinical application solutions of gene sequencing systems and platforms. At present, the HYK-PSTAR-IIA gene sequencing system has found extensive applications in the fields of precision medicine such as early screening of critical diseases, guide for precise individualized medication, early screening of hereditary diseases and functional metabolism.

       According to the staff, the displayed gene sequencer sequences DNA by ligation. Its sequencing technology has reached the internationally leading level. Meanwhile, as China's first sequencer to pass special reviewing for innovative medical apparatus, it has been granted with a registration certificate for CFDA III medical apparatus. It has been extensively applied in the field of precision medicine for over 200 test items, which has fully covered areas such as guide for precise individualized medication, early screening of critical diseases, gene detection of hereditary diseases and functional metabolism.

       The sequencing reagent system is a series of kits applicable to the said gene sequencing system, developed and produced independently by HYK Gene. All kits have undergone a strict test and obtained a registration certificate for medical apparatus, which can guarantee that the said gene sequencing system can produce high-quality sequencing data and effectively reduce the testing costs.

       With other exhibits put on show, the booth of HYK has attracted more and more exhibitors. Staff can be seen introducing the products in pride and exchanging views and discussing with the visitors on products and the market. At this moment, for everyone, this must be a wonderful audio-visual feast and an unforgettable journey to cutting-edge products and technologies.

      However, the busy staff seemed to forget fatigue. Their enthusiastic introduction and warm exchange had infected each visitor. The visitors said, one year had elapsed since HYK came to Wuhan last time. In this year, HYK had witnessed a substantial leap whether in technologies or in market. HYK had taken on a brand new look in this exhibition and is full of confidence with the future. It's convinced that with such a down-to-earth and innovative spirit and under the favorable policy for precision medicine, HYK is set to take the lead in the industry of precision medicine.